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Life at LaSalle

A glimpse into our corporate culture, from the people who know it best.

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Are you interested in understanding what life is like at LaSalle? We have curated a selection of articles and interviews with team members from around the world that offer insight into life at LaSalle. Take a glimpse into their experiences, in their own words.

Supporting careers

Careers are rarely straight paths; they twist and turn like mountain roads and go where the road takes them. A selection of LaSalle employees have shared their career journeys with us, including all that has come of the opportunities put before them.

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Supporting communities

The communities where we operate are more than just our places of work; they are our homes. We have a vested interest in seeing them succeed and ensuring that everyone benefits from our engagement programs, from charitable activities and initiatives to supporting under-represented communities.

Supporting people

Sometimes life throws up unexpected challenges or opportunities. When that happens, how an individual deals with those situations is usually not just down to them: family, friends, colleagues and employers all form part of vital support networks. In this section, LaSalle employees recall personal and professional challenges and the support they received to help them persevere.

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